Our Story

Boba in just 5 minutes is a great gift for those who love bubble tea and milk tea. Delivery available across Vancouver. Pick-up also available at KOZU Sushi Pizza. Make your own bubble tea easy.

BOBASAUR started as idea during the lockdown of 2020. With the world slowing down and less opportunities to go out, it got us feeling a little down. When we feel down, we often cope with bubble tea 😬.

Staying home had our bubble tea addiction grew stronger. Our cravings for sweet chewy pearls were always on our mind. We were looking for ways to satisfy our bubble tea cravings - and fast. 

We always considered ourselves as boba-ristas. When we had the patience, we reminisced on bubble tea nights were we would make our own boba. This took almost over an hour, but now, we think we found a solution. 

Frozen brown sugar boba was the answer. This way, pearls can be ready within 5 minutes and they taste awesome. This is how Bobasaur was born. 

We wanted to show other's that they were on our mind. How could we show some support during a difficult era? 

We sent care packages to friends and family across the city and it was a hit! Bobasaur was born to share some care during these unprecedented times. 

These kits brought households together through bonding. Who knew making bubble tea at home could be so fun?! We've seen many different creative spins through boba-ristas across the city!

We aspire to continuing bringing joy to households, bring smiles to faces, and satisfy cravings by filling mouths with addicting brown sugar boba. 

If you're reading this, trust us, you'll want to give this a try.